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Our ice cream cakes are made entirely by hand in Cambridge by our cake makers.

All our cakes are made with one layer of ice cream on either chocolate cake or vanilla. In between the ice cream and the cake is a layer of chocolate ganache. Decorated with frosting and sprinkles. We’re happy to write on cakes too! However, given the size of micro cakes, we ask that messages are kept to 5 letters or fewer for that size.

They come in three different sizes:

• 2.5″ ($12.50, good for 1-2),
• 8″ ($35.00, good for 6-8)
• 10″ ($45.00, good for 10-12)

Flavors Available:

• B3 – brown butter, brown sugar, and brownies
• Belgian Chocolate – rich milk chocolate
• Cookies n Cream – Crushed sandwich cookies mixed into sweet cream
• Strawberry – strawberry and cream
• French Vanilla – vanilla with an egg custard

Cake Base:

For structural reasons, the ice cream needs to rest on a layer of cake. In the small(feeds approximately 6) and medium (feeds approximately 10-12)sizes, you can select between chocolate or vanilla cake. The micros use a hard chocolate wafer cookie to maintain its form.

Hot Fudge:

Our cakes come with some of our homemade hot fudge for free. Small and medium cakes come with a half pint of the delicious chocolate topping while micros come with a 4oz cup of it. Heat it up and pour it over slices, or just enjoy it straight from the container!


Since we have so many orders to fill, we cannot deliver individual cakes. However, you can pick up your cake from 12pm until 11pm every day.
If you need a cake but forgot to order one, please come by and pick out one from our inventory. We are happy to write on the cake at any time.

To order a cake, navigate to the “Ordering” section of our website or click the button below.

A simple message on the cake like “Happy Birthday” is free. More customized cakes can be found under “Personalized Cakes”.


We recommend thawing our ice cream cakes for at least 20-30 minutes prior to serving, assuming they’ve been stored in a standard freezer for at least 3 hours. Custom orders come to you straight from our very cold deep freezer, so we recommend picking your cake up as early as your schedule allows and thawing it in your freezer at home. Let us know when you’d like to serve it, and we can help you figure out when to pick it up.

Our resident cyclist weighs in… We love bicycles, but for the safety of you and your cake, we don’t recommend bicycling with your cake–unless you’ve got a rack or a basket, in which case, we commend you!

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